Three Reasons to Carry a Wood Rosary

17 March 2022
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For members of the Catholic faith, a rosary is a valuable item to own. You'll see a lot of rosaries that are made out of wood, and you can buy your preferred design at any store or website that specializes in religious accessories. While some people leave their rosaries at home, others carry them daily. If you're unsure of how to proceed, it's worthwhile to know that there are many good reasons to carry your wood rosary with you — whether you're going to work, running errands, or traveling afar. Here are three reasons to carry your new wood rosary when you leave the house.


It's easy to encounter all sorts of anxiety-provoking moments throughout the day, whether you have a quarrel with a co-worker, get stressed while shopping, or encounter something else unpleasant. A lot of people find that their rosary can bring them a welcome sense of calmness. For example, when you're upset, you can simply look for a quiet moment and pray while handling the beads. Doing so won't take very long, and you may find that you have a new feeling of calmness and mental well-being that you can take with you during the next part of your day.


Many people feel as though having a wood rosary on their person can offer a sense of protection. Whether you carry this strand in your pocket or have it draped around your neck inside or outside of your clothing, you may feel protected as you go about your day. A feeling of protection can be welcome on any given day, but you may choose to carry your rosary at times that you feel you need extra protection. For example, if you're scheduled to take a flight and you often worry about the safety of air travel, you may feel as though your flight will be a safe one when you have your rosary with you.

Give Away

People will occasionally give away their rosaries to certain people. While you might not want to give away a rosary that you've had for a long time, buying a new rosary that you can carry with you and give to someone should an opportunity present itself can be an idea to consider. For example, if you're walking in a city and you find yourself talking to a homeless person, you might gently explain how you believe going to church could help them. If the person seems receptive to your idea, you might decide to hand them your rosary as a gift that encourages them to start attending church.

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